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The Suppliers of Spectacular – Design Team

Bec & Cardi

Welcome to our first instalment of ‘The Suppliers of Spectacular’ – an unconventional (AKA, anything but boring) Q&A style insight into the team behind The Style Co. We have mastered the art of telling your story, but this is where we will share pieces of our own.


Meet Bec & Cardi.

Bec is our Creative Director. You’ll find her perched in the design room surrounded by mood boards, scribbles and sketches. She’s an expert at discovering who you are and what you want (even if you haven’t quite figured it out yet).

Cardi is our Senior Designer. When she’s not engrossed in ASMR, she’s experimenting with typography and pushing the boundaries of graphic design.

Bec + Cardi = a dream team dedicated to seamlessly combining elements of your story with a special touch of Style Co. magic.

Side bar: they’re also stupidly epic, cool and kind humans.


Sum up what you do in one sentence.
Bec – I create visual, emotive experiences.
Cardi – I make moments into magic.

Describe yourself in three words.
Bec – Today? Excited, positive and curious.
Cardi – A typical Aquarius.

Describe The Style Co. in three words.
Bec – Very fun humans.
Cardi – The Dream Team.

Favourite colour combo right now.
Bec – Something that makes my heart skip a beat. Colour palettes do this to me. Cardi created one the other day that was a powder blue, cherry red and pistachio green. YUM.
Cardi – I change my mind too often to have favourites, but I’ll always love pink.

What drives your creativity?
Bec – Seeing the world, exploring new places, meeting new people, educating myself – all the things that push me out of my comfort zone (and don’t require a phone in my hand).
Cardi – I think creativity itself is the spice of life. The soul level satisfaction you get when you create and complete something is unparalleled. For me personally, it’s the desire to grow, evolve and improve myself.

What are you listening to? 
Bec – The Flight Facilities remix of Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye.
Cardi – A 90’s rom com playlist.

Bec – The Eye by Nathan Williams.
Cardi – I have a couple of rotation – Love & Virtue by Diana Reid and How To Do The Work by Nicole Le Pera.

Double tapping?
Bec – The Renata Gown by Cult Gaia. In Blossom, obvs.
Cardi – I’m loving coloured glass and DIY nail art on TikTok.

Bec – AM: Oat Magic. PM: a nice Sangiovese.
Cardi – Vino Volta Pet Nat – sparkly and delish!

I get my best work done when…
Bec – I start with a story…
Cardi – I have a brief, a coffee and a playlist ready to go.

Resources you turn to for a regular bolt of inspiration.
Bec – My go-to resources would have to be the major fashion houses. Gucci especially always seems to make my spine tingle. Interior Design particularly in the hospitality space and perhaps magazines, too. I have a tonne of old Vogue‘s that I regularly grab for a bolt. But having a team to roll off words and ideas with is the ultimate inspiration for me. I love to collaborate. I love the way an idea can be formed from multiple perspectives.
Cardi – Obviously there’s an endless source of inspiration online, but sometimes it’s nice to get away from the screen. I’m loving a book that Bec gifted me – No Idea Is Final. It’s full of hundreds of quotes from creatives. The Assouline book collection is also full of amazing imagery.

Other creatives you’re crushing on ATM. 
Bec – I’m always crushing on Dina Broadhurst and Kelly Wearstler. I love their individuality and the way they play with contrast, scale and tension in such a bold, confident way. Oh, and their wardrobes.
Cardi – Miranda Makaroff and Isamaya Ffrench. Creatives that explore a range of different mediums like painting and sculpting inspire me to try new things.

Proudest career achievement so far.
Bec – I think it would have to be stepping into the role of Creative Director for a business who I believe not only creates the most magical moments and experiences, but also leads with heart and soul.
Cardi – Standing with Bec when we finished the bump-in for Jessie & Michael’s Wedding, taking in everything we had collectively created. I shed a little tear of pride (and relief) that it all came together so perfectly.

Melbourne’s best kept secret. 
Bec – The lamb ragu gnocchi at Vaporetto in Hawthorn. You’ve gotta ask for the pan juices on the side, trust me. It’s next level.
Cardi – The feta and spinach Gozleme at Preston Market *chef’s kiss*.

What’s on your desk? 
Bec – A big to-do list.
Cardi – An iced latte, weekly planner, gum, sketch book and lip balm.

What do you think is underrated? 
Bec – The power of a good font.
Cardi – Filet-O-Fish burgers.

Bec – New Year’s Eve.
Cardi – Anything you need to wait in line for.

Your favourite season. 
Bec – Summer baby.
Cardi – Summer, obvs.

Your favourite part of the design process. 
Bec – The research and concept creation. I love the time before anything has to become a reality. I can transport myself across the globe, explore different time periods, delve into storytelling and then bring myself back to reality to put our spin on it!
Cardi – The very start of the process. It’s where you get to cast your net wide and explore ALL the ideas. From there you can start to slowly chip away and refine until all the best, most authentic parts remain.

What are you looking forward to? 
Bec – Drinks with my people tonight.
Cardi – Mercury retrograde ending.

What are you working on for the rest of the day? 
Bec – An exciting concept for a client’s Birthday. Think balmy Cuban nights, smokey tobacco tones, exotic palms and Mojitos all ’round…
Cardi – The graphic concept for a dreamy Italian lunch a la Lake Como. So many beautiful layers and fun details.


Next up is our Owner & Director, Sarah Gonsalves.