I’ve always had a thing for balloons.

Anyone who knows me would tell you this – and not just for birthdays, but for spontaneous moments where a Hallmark card just.wont.do.

I love the way a balloon evokes childlike joy, triggering happy shivers in even the most grown up of grown ups. But what I really go gaga for are the retro oversized round balloons.There’s just something so refreshingly elegant and fun about them. I heart them so much because they just instantly transform a space like nobody’s business!

Whether they are simply used as a whimsical prop or as chic decor they always give that ‘OMG’ wow factor.

Here are some key tips:

Keep it simple. These bad boys are HUGE. So don’t over do it. Less is definitely more.
For a romantic twist attach a rose or a photo and let it float freely around the room – this look is super effective!
Pump them with some air and then helium. You’re still guaranteed to get a week (and some) worth of floating delight.