Anytime you fill a space with ambitious humans who share like-minded #careergoals, enthusiasm and the thirst to learn, it’s bound to be an explosion of awesomeness. And that’s exactly how things felt at last weekends How To Style Co workshop.

We discussed all things The Style Co. including treating our attendees to a backstage tour of our business, including how to charge correctly, breaking down our creative process and a tonne of handy tips based on invaluable lessons learnt.

A huge thanks to our uber talented attendees and wonderfully generous friends who show us constant support and help to make our workshop some of our fave weekends, EVER! All of our love to: Pressed Juices, Thankyou Group, Trefiel, Bindle, Made From Good, Deeds, Kennedy & Wilson, Deitea, Leif, Planet Luxe, Boutique Heidi, Thick Black Frames, and Blakes Feast for filling our stomachs with your delicious goodness!

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