Feast in the Field - Event Design/Styling by The Style Co.

we get asked all the time what it’s really like to be an event stylist.
it’s 5am starts and 5am finishes. sleep deprivation for days on end.
it’s meeting the nicest people you can imagine.
it’s working in 40 degree heat or in the pouring rain and everything in between.
it’s heavy lifting, cuts, bruises, sunburn. its climbing stairs, ladders and trees.
it’s playing with flowers, fabrics, timber & paint.
it’s working with other creatives and people that ‘get’ us.
it’s putting our passion, creativity, heart and soul into a design.
it’s pushing the boundaries.
it’s having the best team with us.
it’s months of planning, only hours to build and minutes to tear down.
it’s getting to know our clients, turning them into friends and creating something truly amazing for them.
it’s the look on their faces as they walk in.
it’s when we’re done, we stand back and are proud of what our team have created.
it’s at that point that we know it was all worth it.
there is nothing else we’d rather do….
we do what we love. we love what we do.

So, we hope we get to create something for you soon…

P.S To all of our clients and supporters, some we are yet to meet, thank you for loving and sharing our work.
We’re lucky to be able to create, build and laugh with some amazing people,
especially our team – the loveliest, super creative and hardest working bunch we know.

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