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The Suppliers of Spectacular – Sarah Gonsalves

A warm hug

Meet our Owner & Director, Sarah Gonsalves – affectionately known as Sez. 

Guided by authenticity in all forms, Sez is a firm believer in being kinder than necessary and bolder than expected. She’s mastered the art of transformation – turning clients into friends and moments into memories. Taking elements of your story and turning them into an experience you could never have imagined, yet feels unmistakably yours. 

Her commitment to creating unforgettable memories is matched only by her commitment to leading The Style Co. team, empowering them to turn their brilliant ideas into something truly magical.  

This instalment of ‘The Suppliers of Spectacular’ simply had to be fun. Different. A little bit chaotic. Because that’s what Sez’s days look like (and we keep it real ‘round here). From kinder drop-offs to client meetings, Sez gives new meaning to ‘the hustle’. We fired 21 questions her way and covered everything from Portugese tarts to dream destinations. 


‘The Suppliers of Spectacular’ is an insight into the humans that make our world look So. Damn. Good. It’s honest and it’s heartfelt. We love what we do, and we love to share it with you. Behind the unforgettable events are designers, planners, florists, builders, artists, stylists and project managers. And you’ll hear from all of them. 

Stay tuned.