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New Beginnings

A letter from us...

So here we are, the launch of our rebrand and new website, years in the making, finally ready for you to devour. 

We are so proud to share our new beginning with you. It’s a life upgrade of sorts.

2020 felt like emotional and mental gymnastics, bending us in ways we never expected.

It is never lost on us how privileged we are to celebrate your most precious milestones. Welcomed into your lives, into your families, to witness all the forehead kisses and tight hugs.

So whilst we have a new look, our purpose remains the same: to create unique and meaningful experiences. It’s the impact of these experiences that make us human, that make us feel loved and more importantly connected to one another.

The truth of it is, we feel our calling is to supply the spectacular, to create unforgettable-lifelong-soulshaking-moments that fill your memory bank. Forever.

Thank you to our amazing clients who allow us to do this.

The biggest thank you to David Popov of Pop & Pac, Alyce Greer of Bossy Creative and Andrew Cunneen of Andrew Cunneen for working so hard on this project. We are beyond grateful and inspired by your talents. We’re so proud of what we have created together. The love poured in from all of our hearts and the beauty of collaborating with you all was so reenergising. Thank you.

As we step into The Style Co.’s future we’re also excited to present ‘The Goss’. We hope it becomes a new destination for you to peer into our world, a place where we can share our recent work, tell you about new collaborations, highlight other creatives doing cool-shit and an insight into the things we’re addicted to. Share. Subscribe. Enjoy.


With love,
Sarah xx