You need a wedding planner if you’re time poor or if you’re anxious about how the million and one decisions you’ve had to make since you decided to get married are going to come together in the most perfect, seamless fit. There’s no denying it, wedding planning can be super overwhelming and there’s also no denying that things may not go according to plan in the lead up and the big day itself. So having a wedding planner allows you to have an event professional (with a tonne of experience) to co ordinate all your decision making, so that you’re dealing with tasks in the order of priority and ultimately reducing your stress levels. Then on the big day your only priority is to let go and enjoy yourself. Your wedding planner ensures the day runs smoothly and if any issues pop up they deal with them directly, like a boss! Investing in Wedding Planning is by far one of the best decisions you’ll make, followed closely by popping or saying yes to your beloved!