A break from our regular programming… we spend some time with our friends over at Cargo Crew and talk uniforms. Not exactly the sexiest topic but we are constantly getting asked about ours so thought we’d share.

We’re known for the detail in our events and how our own crew look on site is no exception to this rule. It look us two failed attempts at uniforms until we finally found Cargo Crew and decked our team into these stripy beauties and denim aprons earning our name as ‘the striped army’.

For those of you who know us well, it’s not just our team we dress but also the wait staff at some of our events. They’re all part the overall look and feel so we like to consider them when pitching our concepts to our clients.

Felicity Rodgers, Cargo crew’s Creative Director, knows what she’s talking about when dressing a team. She suggests the following tips on where to start when decking out your crew:

What type of event are you holding
The outfits your wait staff wear should tell a story and be thought of as a ‘costume’ that reflects the image of your event. Consider breezy linen fabrics for a seaside wedding, a cool distressed denim apron for a warehouse party or accessorising with a pair of dapper braces for a classic cocktail party.

What colour palette have you chosen for your event and styling?
Once you’ve decided on a look for your staff uniform, it’s important to work this in with the colour palette of your event styling and venue interior. If your venue interior is full of neutral earthy tones it’s a good idea to carry this through to your uniform. Or for an industrial environment, choose a contemporary look of denim paired with a bold patterned shirt.

Who are your staff?
When choosing your uniforms, it’s important that the look you decide on suits your staff. Whilst providing the opportunity for visual impact, a well-styled uniform can also positively impact staff morale. We’ve designed our range of Cargo Crew aprons as ‘one size fits all’ to suit all body types. If staff feel well dressed and comfortable in their uniforms this is likely to increase their confidence that flows through to the service they provide your guests.

So that’s it folks! Hope we’ve answered all those insta-questions and emails about our uniforms in this blog post.

Check our Cargo Crew’s cool uniforms here cargocrew.com.au.