Sally + Tim

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE, cannot express it enough thank you for a truly amazing day. I had a 100% BALL! Everything was just so well done, I felt like a guest at a fabulous event and was able to just watch it unfold and be able to enjoy every moment without stressing about any details. This of course was Tim’s aim, and I tell you, you absolutely achieved it!

I need to RAVE about the florists efforts as I’m sure I wasn’t nearly gushy enough on the day as quite frankly I think I was just a bit overwhelmed by all that was going on around me. I’m actually having a LOVE AFFAIR with that bridal bouquet they made me. Seriously, I think it is the most BEAUTIFUL bouquet I have ever seen, it even smelled AMAZING! Jessica’s floral head dress was another triumph, and speaking of workmanship, OMG that arch in front of the front door. Absolutely, INCREDIBLE!

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