Kate + Mat

These ladies are honestly the best in the business. I would have spent over 200 hours researching all things weddings and gathering ideas. When we sat down with The Style Co girls for our first meeting we were so impressed and knew they could deliver what we wanted. I remember walking into Circa on the day and my jaw hit the floor. They executed the design better than we could have ever imagined. Every aspect from custom installations, flowers, lighting, furniture and signage was impeccable. I was so busy admiring the details when I arrived that I nearly missed my cue to walk down the aisle. Luckily Chloe (the world’s best event planner) was there to quickly usher me into position.

I’m extremely organised… a tad OCD to be honest, so to have Chloe who is ‘next level’ organised when it comes to wedding planning was a godsend. It was so reassuring having someone on the same page during the planning process. She was on top of everything and absolutely nailed it on the day.

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