This place is extraordinary! It’s the history + the location + the serenity that makes Werribee Mansion one of the most unique wedding venues in Victoria. The Style Co. just knows this venue will never disappoint!

If you would like us to help style your event at Werribee mansion, send us an enquiry and we’d love to be involved!

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Event Design + Styling: The Style Co.
Venue: Mansion Hotel + Spa/Werribee Mansion
Photography: Erin + Tara

Sometimes projects start small and evolve, but Ivy & Calvin’s started huge and then just got M-A-S-S-I-V-E!

We’re talking about a one week bump in involving 42 of our crew, 1500 bunches of flowers and foliage, 5000 faux delphiniums to completely transform a slice of lawn at The Mansion Hotel in Werribee into an enchanting dining venue. Our 5am starts and late finishes were all worth the end result.

The ceremony floral arch was an abundance of white and soft pink blooms that required the delicateness of our 15+ floral army.

The colour palette transitioned into dramatic shades of lavender, purple and fuchsia for the reception held at Werribee Mansion. Guests were greeted with signature cocktails from the marble bar, another stunning feature of this decadent marquee complete with wood floors and surrounding glass walls.

After pre dinner drinks, the curtains were drawn and the main dining space was revealed….{Insert sound of jaws dropping here}.

Above the decked out dining tables and beautiful cameo chairs hung a 17.5 metre dripping floral heaven. The beauty of the roof made only more luminous by the stunning chandeliers especially sourced from Brisbane.

Ivy & Calvin’s dreams were big and with their complete trust we were able translate their vision into one epic and smooth production. The highlight as with all our weddings was seeing their beaming faces all night long. Bravo to our amazing crew who are fiercely committed to the details and going above and beyond.



Event Styling + Design: The Style Co.
Flowers & Floral Installations: The Style Co.
Wedding Planning: The Style Co.
Venue: The Mansion Hotel & Spa
Marquee: Harry the Hirer
Furniture: Place Settings
Chandeliers: Chandeliers To Die For (Brisbane)

Our team believes Wedding Styling is about storytelling.

It’s about being lucky enough to meet beautiful couples who share their story with us.

It’s about going on a journey together, taking their story, safely holding it in our hands and letting our magic abound it.

It’s all about the end result of this journey; and for Sandra & Alfie’s, that was breathlessness.

The beautiful ceremony complete with a vintage lemonade stand, took place in the rich green gardens of the Werribee Mansion.

Post ceremony, guests were directed by customised signage to the games area.’Anyone for a round of croquet?’ (Yes,please!)

With a dazzling curiosity, guests entered the Pavillion completely mesmerised by a hand built tree – more than 5 metres tall – in the middle of the dance floor ( Who does that ? WE DO).

Our dessert buffet featured an enchanted garden theme and helped fuel guests for hours and hours of dancing under the stars.

And for our couple; Alfie and his princess Sandra, it was one lovely day and the beginning of their forever.


Event Design + Styling: The Style Co.
Flowers: Flower Jar for The Style Co.
Video: Humdrum Films
Photos: Robbie Warden
Venue: Werribee Mansion