If you can’t feel your feet the next morning you know it was a pretty epic party! E.P.I.C!

So let’s go back… to not too long ago when we celebrated this one special day with two very special humans.. and partied like never before! One of the humans in particular, you may know…

She’s my partner in crime in this little business we’ve built called The Style Co. and someone who more than anyone I had hoped would find the love of her life. After all, our jobs are to create for our couples, the backdrop for the first day of the rest of their lives and folks, this little lady, does it with such incredible passion, it’s no wonder our fridge (and drawers) are filled with such moving thank you notes.

Of course I’m talking about our very own Sarah (Sez) and she’s made one very dapper Damien (Dam) a bona fide happy little vegemite.

The love story can only be described as a classic Rom-com! Although we weren’t there to witness the awkward playground ‘friendship’ in primary and high school, we could see why this friendship had stood decades and grew into a love that will continue (as the hashtag says)… forevs!

Their friendship is one constant competition about who’s funnier than who (we still can’t decide) and Dam’s unparalleled OCD-ness and love for shiny fast machines somehow worked perfectly with Sez’s organised chaos, love for old industrial treasures and slow daytime bevvies amongst good company.

As Sez said in her speech, she’s been to a few weddings in her time… but this was the one.

The one where she would be our client, the one where our hand picked team would be the architects and the one to be etched into her heart (and ours) forever. It was the one she had been composing on her Pinterest board all these years without even knowing it.

So my friends, I have never been prouder to show you the wedding that will definitely be the most memorable in The Style Co. history books for me and for all the right reasons.


wait! one more message to Sez… you bloody drive me up the wall (I’m sure it’s mutual) but how can we not forget every ounce of craziness we’ve been up to over the years.. now it’s up to Dam to top it. (Dam good luck) Big big love to you both, enjoy the lifetime ahead of love, comedic impressions, peanut-butter-salted-caramel everything and so much fin, fin finning!


I can’t forget the dream team who helped make this day so amazing….. here they are

The Style Co. team
you are truly truly mind blowing! thank you for the design sessions that left Sez in tears (the good kind) and your unwavering dedication to create the perfect setting.

Photography by Erin and Tara
you guys really are remarkable, your work and as people.

Videography by Humdrum Films
we’ve been friends for years and still can’t believe the talent. you’re actually bloody brilliant! love you guys

Dress by One Day Bridal
Kyha… seriously could not believe how beautiful this masterpiece was. every part, every detail, just freaking wow!

Hair by Uva Salon and Make up by Chantelle Baker
Ladies, you really are the dream team, wish we could take you both with us everywhere we went. thanks for making us look like ladies ;)

Cake by Splendid Servings
Jo, you talented thing! It was true perfection!

Lighting by Pan + Tilt
Johnny it feels like you’ve been around forever.. thanks for making the place light up perfectly!

Furniture, Crockery and Cutlery by Dann Event Hire
As, always you make our jobs so much easier with your beautiful pieces!

Invitations and Stationery printed by Mickey loves Jacqui (designed by The Style Co)
Jacqui and Mickey, the stationery was flawless… our absolute faves!

Balloons by Belle Balloons
Umm.. so so bloody good, it’s ridiculous! thank you x

Venue and Catering by Gather + Tailor and Pot + Pan
Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and food. Those pumpkin tortellini’s.. yass!