⚡️Newsflash⚡️ just released our new Masterclasses! Marie + Sarah (the makers of The Style Co.) take you through Pricing for Creatives, Mastering the ‘Gram and Concept Creation..

Our new workshops are:
Masterclass: Concept Creation for Event Stylists
Masterclass: Pricing for creatives
Masterclass: Doin it for the ‘Gram
The Busines of being Creative – Melbourne
I’m Engaged!! Now what? Send help?

Check out all the deets.

As usual, seats limited.. tag your friends✌🏼

Hey hey! We just hit new squad goal heights. About a week ago we headed off for (slightly) warmer Sydney shores for our full day workshop.
We transformed the über chic La Porte space in Waterloo into an equally chic classroom for 28 lucky ‘girl bosses’ (says so on the hand creams)

Empowering, insightful and honest (according to the cool folk that attended), Marie + Sarah let our crew for the day into the inner workings of The Style Co, where they broke out some hard earned lessons, awesome tips on what it means to be in the business of being creative and general ‘game upping’ (yeah, we just made that a thing).

This time around we teamed up with the good peeps at Timbermill, Damselfly, Pressed Juices and Doughnut Time – high fives!
A special thanks to all our guests who travelled far and wide to hang out with us for the day. Go forth and get hustling!

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New workshop now up here, finer details TBC.

Goodbye 2015… and hellooo 2016! What better way to reign in the year than with a healthy dose of The Style Co magic.

We kick started the year off with 2 ahh-mazing workshops in Melbourne and… wait for it… New Zealand!! This was the first time our leading ladies – Marie and Sarah, headed across the borders to host a workshop, and boy, were we excited.

A big shout out to all our attendees who travelled from near and far to join us.

Both workshops were buzzing with ideas and inspiration, business mistakes and successes… and we got to share all of that with awesomely brilliant individuals.

We could never thank you enough for sharing your time with us and helping us create some pretty damn spectacular memories.

A massive thank you to Dann Event Hire for making our classroom look amazing!

Of course how could we forget our ridiculously generous friends at: Caboose Coffee, Thank you Group, Popped, Health Lab, The Hello Workshop, Loving Earth, Fete Magazine, Musq Cosmetics, Go – To Skincare, Pressed Juices and Pics Peanut Butter for spoiling our attendees rotten. And Linen by Di Simmons, In-grained and Mi Goals for helping us make the days nothing short of magnificent!

Don’t forget to follow @howtostyleco on Instagram to see what adventures we get up to this year and stay updated on our future workshops. 2016 has started with a bang at The Style Co HQ and we can’t wait to share with you the exciting things we have planned xx

Dann Event Hire, Caboose Coffee, Linen by Di Simmons, com.au/ In-grained, Mi Goals, Thank you Group, Popped, Health Lab, The Hello Workshop, Loving Earth, Fete Magazine, Musq Cosmetics, Go – To Skincare, Pressed Juices, Pics Peanut Butter,

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