Day two of our Creative Business + Styling Workshop was all about learning by getting our hands dirty! Circa was our stunning venue of choice and it was on their beautiful deck that we brought our two concepts to life. We went over the theory of styling and shared the low down on instagramming.

The weekend was a great chance for us to show off some of our fav suppliers. We were lucky to play with elements from Dann Event Hire, Middle of Nowhere and Papyrus Design. Each look was complete with the help of our Style Co floral fairies.

We wrapped up the weekend with a delicious and long lunch (yes adult beverages were served). Our attendees scored another armful of goodies, a stunning scarf from Indus Design, the latest edition of HOORAY!, Mi Goals notebook and Alex Mae’s adorable Paper Hearts. Thank you to all of our friends for helping us treat these talented ladies, we know they will love your wares as much as we do!

Madeline Kate Photography beautifully captured the weekend and we cannot wait to see what Humdrum Films creates for us!

We had a blast and know that we have made some amazing friendships. We feel so honoured that these inspiring and talented ladies wanted to share their weekend with us. We are uber pumped for the next workshop and meeting more of you kind and creative folk!

Some feedback from Kate McLean:
Walking away from the workshop I felt energised, inspired and above all else, in awe! Experiencing the magic of The Style Co. firsthand filled me with confidence and a renewed sense of passion and purpose for my own business. It was amazing to hear about the evolution of The Style Co. All of a sudden, everything we each hoped to achieve in our own businesses became entirely possible, and it was great to be in a room of people who are so eager to offer their help and support. Overall, I absolutely loved it. I wish I could do it all over again!

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Dann Events
Middle of Nowhere

Madeline Kate Photography

Humdrum Films

Papyrus Design

Indus Design
Alex Mae

When we released our first 2 day Event Styling + Creative Business workshop.. it sold out!! Crazy..We know! Marie & Sarah were already humbled and honoured that so many people had booked in but to also have almost half the attendees come from interstate was amazing.

Here’s the skinny on what happened on Day One!

Our Workshop took place in our sparkly new Cremorne HQ. Our fervently enthusiastic attendees were greeted by the dapper Tommy Collins Barista before taking their seats, unplugging from the daily grind and allowing the magic of the workshops to unfold.

Day One was the business of business and a backstage pass into The Style Co. and how the business ticks.

Marie & Sarah started by sharing their story, how The Style Co was born and the challenges overcome along the journey to making it a successful & profitable design company in its short four years. They discussed the importance of branding and finding your voice, their intentions behind the brand and how this drives everything at The Style Co including interacting with clients, pricing and their designs and how to stand out in such a competitive market.

We rounded up all the nitty gritty with some playtime. Everyone was shown the basics of prepping flowers and before making their beautiful take home posies.

All in all it was a magnetising day of storytelling, learning and opportunity. Attendees left feeling focused about their businesses and super pumped for Day 2!

A massive shout out to our wonderful friends, Tommy Collins for making sure we were fuelled all day long. Dann Event furniture and Select AV for turning our studio into schmick little classroom. Thank you also to Antipodes Water, Pressed Juices and Fog City Sangria for keeping us hydrated.

Our lucky attendees also received a stash of treaties from Inky Co. Inka Notebooks, Whileaway Guides and Grace and James candles.

The fun was captured by the gorgeous Madeline Kate Photography and the handsome fellas at Humdrum Films.

We’ve also released our new October dates!

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Some feedback we’ve received:

“I felt so inspired, motivated and passionate about the industry again as some times it’s easy to ask yourself if it’s really worth it whilst still working another part time job.

The weekend’s workshop validated that this is truly what I love and I’m more eager than ever to push the boundaries and make some changes to our business structure so it’s both emotionally and financially rewarding for us.”

“I absolutely loved the workshop and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I got out of it. I have also highly recommended it to a number of people.”

The Style Co. + Event Styling + Creative Business workshop


Dann Events

Tommy Collins

Madeline Kate Photography

Humdrum Films

Select AV

Pressed Juices
Fog City – Sangria
Antipodes Water

Grace and James Candle Co.
Inky Co.