On the surface we design beautiful events for our clients with simplicity and ease. But it’s really about meeting real people and falling in love with their story, their journey and the vision of their dream day. When we met Shivani and Gene we fell……HARD.

This gorgeous couple were intoxicatingly luminous and meetings very easily turned into hours of positivity-charged musings on life, love and work.

Newport Substation was the perfect venue for our Modern Bollywood meets Industrial New York look. A bright colour palette of pink, orange, yellow and green screamed of partaaaayyy!!!! Exposed wooden tables with hairpin legs against a sea of white bentwood chairs allowed the stunning florals and custom napkins to pop.

The floating edison pendant lights clustered above the bridal table paid tribute to Newport Substations industrial origins whilst the jagged bud lighting added a bit of a romantic twist to the dance floor.

And then there was the cake. An exquisite creation by the talented folk at Regnier Cakes. Inspired by Shivani’s love {read addiction} of Boost Chocolate Bars. The perfect finish to a perfect night.


Event Design + Styling: The Style Co.
Flowers: The Style Co.
Catering: Tommy Collins
Venue: Substation
Photos: Hikari Photography

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