A lot of our events involve pretty intense setting up, it’s all part and parcel of designing and building something from the ground up…

But when you have plenty of creative freedom, a love for the bride and groom, a blank canvas (literally!) and three days in 45 degree heat… you know the result has to be pretty special!

Our couple came to us 3 weeks before Christmas, 6 weeks before their wedding date. They had originally wanted to get married in their large front garden on the family’s private property. With so many obstructions (trees, pipes, fencing, etc), Sarah and I advised against it. It’s true what they say, when one door closes, another one swings wide open and smacks you in the face! We looked over to an overgrown field across the way and it hit us – That was it!

We walked into the grassy field completely unprepared for the occasional spider, snake or goat! (things we do!) but we were determined to show them how amazing it could be. Sarah and I talked and walked them through the picture in our heads, their ceremony location, then a winding path would be carved out lead guests to pre-dinner refreshments – sangria and summer canapes, then another path to the ‘dining area’ with one long table for the feasting, dance floor and lounge area/cinema (offering 3 types of popcorn) – all perfectly lit with strung lights. A pop-up restaurant, designed and made just for them, in the middle of a field. They loved it!! So now it was up to us to build it.

Armed with lights, flowers, furniture, ladders, our trusty tool box, tubs of sun cream and an eager crew, we brought the idea to life. Our camera shy couple don’t make an appearance, but this video (thanks to Humdrum Films) is a behind the scenes look into our set up of their magical day.


Event Design/Styling: The Style Co.
Stationery: The Style Co.
Flowers: Flower Jar for The Style Co.
Photos: Louisa Bailey

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