When a couple comes to you and asks you to style their wedding it is a privilege. Full Stop. But when you get a bride that: A. Doesn’t know what a David Austin Rose is & B. Brings you inspirational pictures of concrete; well if it wasn’t completely inappropriate and biologically impossible we would have ALL her babies!!

Ladies & Gents introducing Emily & Max {round of applause}, an achingly hip couple who handed us the most important day of their lives and said whole heartedly “Take this day and unleash your handcrafted artistry upon it”‘.

This heartfelt trust allowed our magic to unravel in the shape of the following {see cool video/photos} where we transformed Alto in Melbourne


Event Design + Styling: The Style Co
Oversized letters: Custom designed by The Style Co
Event Stationery + Signage: The Style Co.
Flowers: Flower Jar for The Style Co.
Venue: Alto
Photography: Louisa Bailey (setup)

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