There are people who come into your life whom you measure all others against. Chloe, our Head Planner is one of these people. Working beside her you quickly realise her passion for weddings isn’t random, it’s her calling.

Meticulously devoted to ensuring our couples enjoy the lead up to the big day and then have the most memorable day ever is something she does with an unwavering ease, inherent elegance and with a heart full of bona fide joy. Like we said, it’s her calling.

So when Chloe began to plan her big day we all knew it was going to be extraordinary. The design brief was to create a Mediterranean getaway in the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. We took the beautiful vineyard of Manton’s Creek Estate combined it with unruly arrangements of greenery and hot pink blooms, weaved a fig scent ( RIP to the many fig candles who did not survive Chloe’s stringent selection process) and added an open air dance floor to create a relaxed mood that quickly resonated with every guest.

It was an amazing day, rich with meaningful details that didn’t outshine their love but instead celebrated the eleven years of effortlessness that they had shared together. They wanted their guests to join in their celebrations and party like nobody’s business!!

A big thank you to the amazing suppliers; Tommy Collins Catering, Dann Event Hire, Erin & Tara Photography, Humdrum Films, Rutherford Entertainment and The Marquee People who went above and beyond to ensure that James & Chloe’s big day was nothing less than perfect.

An even bigger thank you to our team who constantly push the boundaries of Event Design, your limits are endless.

And finally to our Chloe, we will never forget that moment of breathlessness when we watched you walk down the aisle. You deserved the perfect day and that’s just what you got.

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Wedding Styling + Planning: The Style Co.
Flowers: The Style Co.
Catering: Tommy Collins
Furniture: Dann Event Hire
Entertainment: Rutherford Entertainment
Photos: + Tara
Videos: Humdrum Films

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