Whats the difference between a wedding planner and wedding stylist?

A wedding designer is the creative force, the visionary behind how your wedding is going to look and most importantly feel. A wedding designer creates a concept that is an extension of your inspiration and then our creative project managers oversee the execution of this design. Your final design includes a scaled floor plan, colour and texture palette and all your styling elements including all your florals, any installations, furniture hire, lighting, on the day stationery, soft furnishings ect. On the day itself this design team ensure everything is set up as it should be and problem solve any styling related issues. A wedding planner is the organisational force, the co ordinator of the framework of your big day. Your Wedding Planner focuses on the fundamentals of your big day, ie. sourcing your ceremony and reception venues, sourcing and managing your key vendors ( celebrant/priest, photography, videography, hair + makeup, transport, entertainment), organises your invitations and manages your rsvps, creation and management of your overall budget along with the creation of your master run sheet. On the day itself they ensure everything happens according to this schedule and resolve any issues that arise on the day.

What does your packages include?

The ‘P’ word is kind of a dirty word over here at TSC HQ. The truth is when it comes to design we don’t believe in offering a one size fits all approach. It just never complements the uniqueness of your event. So in short, we don’t do packages. Drop us a line about what you’re after or better yet pop in for an obligation free chat. Let us hear about your vision, your needs and then we discuss how we work, our creative process, we even have a healthy chat about the dreaded budget. Get the clarity you need around any questions you may have before making any rock solid decisions.

Why do I need an event stylist?

You need a design team if you value the memorable experience you’re wanting to create for your guests and yourselves. The atmosphere on the day is very much about the love that the two of you are exuding. In addition to this your guest experience is also about (in no particular order) the food, the service and the tunes on the night. The backdrop to this atmosphere is where your design team come in. A design team are the visionaries, we take your inspiration and then immerse ourselves in ideas and experiences that go beyond what you even imagined was possible. We do our best to understand your space, your guests, the tone of your event and then we design a well considered experience that influences how your guests are made to feel. The end result is a breathtaking event that people will reference for years to come.

Why do I need a wedding planner?

You need a wedding planner if you’re time poor or if you’re anxious about how the million and one decisions you’ve had to make since you decided to get married are going to come together in the most perfect, seamless fit. There’s no denying it, wedding planning can be super overwhelming and there’s also no denying that things may not go according to plan in the lead up and the big day itself. So having a wedding planner allows you to have an event professional (with a tonne of experience) to co ordinate all your decision making, so that you’re dealing with tasks in the order of priority and ultimately reducing your stress levels. Then on the big day your only priority is to let go and enjoy yourself. Your wedding planner ensures the day runs smoothly and if any issues pop up they deal with them directly, like a boss! Investing in Wedding Planning is by far one of the best decisions you’ll make, followed closely by popping or saying yes to your beloved!

How does the process work? Am I still involved?

You are very much a part of the creative process. We fall in love with our couples and their big day but ultimately it’s your big day so we are here to support you and guide you through all your styling options.

My venue already has a coordinator. Do I really need a stylist?

Absolutely! Your co ordinator works for the venue, so they’re focussed on making sure everything comes together from an event management point of view. Engaging your own designer means you want to invest in how guests experience your event aesthetically. Your design team are the visionaries, working for you, to create a concept based on your inspiration and ensure that day looks and feels like the two of you. This concept is then managed right through to the execution, which means you’re across all the big decisions without taking part in the time consuming nitty gritty of it all.

Is the service fee included in the minimum spend?

Our service fee covers the resources dedicated to creating your design and co ordinating all of your styling prior to the big day. This service fee is not a part of our styling minimum spend. The styling minimum spend covers the cost of bringing your design to life i.e your styling elements (flowers, furniture, lighting, on the day stationery ect) plus labour, deliveries and damage waivers.

Do you offer florals as a separate service?

Whilst our floral design is a big part of our overall event design we don’t offer florals as a separate service.

Can I engage The Style Co. if I already have my own florist?

Floral design is a big part of our overall event design so we have our amazing internal floral team take care of this. Unfortunately this means we can’t be engaged if you have your own florist.

If I would like to offer my company’s services to The Style Co., Who do I send my information to?

Send through any information about your awesomeness to hello@thestyleco.com.au

Where do I send my resume to?

Please send through your applications through to jobs@thestyleco.com.au. Even if we don’t have any positions vacant we keep your deets on file for future openings.

Do I need industry experience to work at The Style Co?

We’re blown away by how many resumes we get and so unfortunately we can only consider applicants with industry experience.

How to I find out information about your upcoming workshops?

For all information about our upcoming workshops head to http://www.thestyleco.com.au/workshops/

Where are you based? Do you travel?

We are based in Melbourne however we can work our magic anywhere! We offer Event Design and Wedding Planning outside of Melbourne. Our team are avid travellers so we’re all set for new adventures interstate or abroad! We have already worked in: Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide!

Do you hire out furniture and props?

Sadly we don’t hire any of our products. Majority of our furniture is hired from our friends at Dann Event Hire, Place Settings or Harry the Hirer. Get in contact with them directly if you’re after a quote.

Do you charge an hourly rate or a flat rate?

We charge a service fee which varies in price depending on the scale of your event. We prefer estimating a job in its entirety up front rather than keep you nervously waiting for a per hour bill which could continuously rack up.

How many people will I be working with for my wedding/event?

Our Event Design services involve the talented skills of a Designer, Florist and a Creative Project Manager. Event Management includes some serious extra loving from our Senior Planner and sometimes an assistant too.

Does The Style Co. take interns?

We sure do! Send through your applications to jobs@thestyleco.com.au. Be sure to highlight any extraordinary baking skills, we love us a mean brownie over here at TSC HQ!

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