Emily + Nick

Once Em + Nick found the perfect location for their big day, they couldn’t wait to get us started on designing and neither could we! Em + Nick invited their guests for a weekend of wedding fun at Glen Erin in Lancefield where guests could escape to the countryside and witness these two lovebirds tie the knot.

We covered the venue’s ceiling thick with oak foliage, ivy and ferns and drops of lighting, transforming the space to create an indoor forest feel where Em, Nick and their guests danced the night away!

Thanks Em + Nick for allowing us to create a beautiful day for you and creating one of our favourite ceiling features!


Soodi + Nick

From the minute we stepped onto the thousand-acre Mingela Homestead, we knew it was going to be an unforgettable wedding for Soodi and Nick.

A clear marquee housed the dinner showing off a spectacular view of the valley. Then the party kicked in with a playlist of Soodi & Nick’s fave tunes.

So many of their guests were from different corners of the world so they were determined to show them a day (and night) they would never forget!

See below for pics…


Event Design + Styling: The Style Co.
Flowers: The Style Co.
Photos: Hikari Photography
Venue: Mingela, Drummond (Victoria)

Flick + Josh

When we first met this gorgeous couple we were blown away by how much sweetness can be jam packed into one single human being. Honestly Flick (as she’s is affectionately known by friends) is unquestionably the loveliest human to grace this universe…….and then there’s Josh. Oh Josh, your genius would be alarming if it wasn’t so damn consistent! The wit, sarcasm and charm that oozed from Josh in every meeting/email/phonecall was undeniable evidence of his cool cat status. It was obvious to us early on that the next 12 months working with these guys was going to be an absolute hoot and boy-oh-boy was it ever!

After getting to know Flick and Josh it was easy to understand that they wanted a day that was colourful, fun and elegant. Pre dinner drinks were served on Luminare’s beautiful deck from our custom whisky bar and then guests had the option to take in the stunning city views whilst lounging underneath one of the canopies trailing with ivy and asparagus fern.Inside the dining room was filled with an abundance of colour. The gorgeous arrangements were colour blocked using hydrangea, dahlias, celosia, david austin and garden roses. The black cutlery gave the tables a modern look that complimented the edginess of the installation suspended above the bridal table and dance floor. Custom gold 3D cubes were the feature in the installation, pendant lights dropped through highlighting the overflowing oak, camelia, ivy and vibernum cascading down.

It was such an honour to be a part of Flick and Josh’s Big Day. The whole experience was a constant reminder of why we love what we do especially in those moments when you realise clients have become friends or when your cool cat groom has a ‘sock change’ just cause he wants to. Congratulations on entering The Style Co. hall of fame.


Event Design, Styling + Florals: The Style Co.
Venue: Luminare, South Melbourne
Photos: Hikari Photography