We love a bit of a challenge and with 2 weeks lead time, we definitely had a masterchef challenge on our hands!

the event

MasterChef 2013 Media Launch

the brief

Incorporate the different weeks featured in this year’s masterchef series – fast food week, barossa week, wild west week, kids week, italian week. All set up in the new Melbourne MasterChef kitchen

our take

There have been a few masterchef launches in the past so we wanted to do things a little differently (as we do)… we decided to give each of the areas a modern spin…

Barossa week
We created a canopy of foliage and grapes and dropped custom Edison pendant lights from the greenery. Our signage was a custom lasercut wine bottle.

Wild West week
This was a smelly one! we washed and drilled hundreds of oyster shells and strung them to create a cool rustic seaside stand with clusters of drift wood and lobster baskets. Fish nets were the backdrop for our hand made ‘wild west’ sign made from rope.

Kids week
A red and white striped food stand was the base for the delicious desserts made by the talented team at Burch and Purchese. Fluffy clouds hung above and feet were welcomed on the fluffy grass floor.

Italian week
Working with the existing elements of the charcuterie room, a yellow dipped wooden canopy was custom made to hang fresh herbs and dried garlic and chillies. Bead rolls and sticks were spilling ouf of paper bags and guests were welcomed in to pick and choose their meats and cheeses.

Fast Food week
A hand drawn menu on chalk board was the backdrop for our new york inspired fast food stand. Custom stamps were made for our ‘masterchef doggy bags’ and could help themselves with the mini sauce bottles. Guest sat on galvanised stools and rested their cocktails on black oil drum bar tables.

The photo backdrop
This one was a hit! fruit and veges were colour blocked and housed in geometric timber boxes attached to a wall of greenery.

To top it all off we got to enjoy a rare night of eating and drinking and couldn’t help but squeeze in a picture with the judges!

Here are the fruits (and veges) of our labour! enjoy!


Event Design/Styling: The Style Co.
Photos: Hikari Photography

We design so many splendid things here at Style Co HQ and quite often our best work comes from couples who approach us with that oh-lordy-what-have-we-got-ourselves-into look. To be honest that look brings on tingles of joy and waves of validation for what we believe in : creating gorgeously unique weddings {read parties} that feel like our couples. After our very first appointment with Rach + Phil we knew they felt at ease, excited and understood. Our brief was to transform Prahran Mission House into an industrial/glam bar with a fun/cheeky tone that would instantly put guests at ease and get them on the dance floor. The end result – Ta Da!

Cue: cool pics of Rach + Phils big day.

A lot of our events involve pretty intense setting up, it’s all part and parcel of designing and building something from the ground up…

But, when you have plenty of creative freedom, a love for the bride and groom, a blank canvas (literally!) and three days in 45 degree heat… you know the result has to be pretty special…

Our camera shy couple don’t make an appearance, but this video (thanks to Humdrum Films) is a behind the scenes look into our set up of their magical day… enjoy!


Event Design and Styling: The Style Co.
Video: Humdrum Films
Photography: Louisa Bailey
Flowers: Flower Jar for The Style Co.
Catering: Nielson